Monday, November 17, 2014

Summary of Week

This was the week before Givercraft went live with students. We had 2 handshake meetings. There were questions about servers. We received a new password to allow students and teachers into the world. Some teachers dropped the project, due to not having time to read the book, not feeling ready for the project.

I created another survey and asked teachers for questions or concerns. The data was looked over and answered to teachers. One question was on how to take a screen shot and the other was on editing and inputting on a wiki page.

I have looked over the wiki pages and have seen students start to write on them. I went over all of the spreadsheets and made sure they were ready for teachers to input grades on. After this week, I will go to every spreadsheet and take the data and input it on our Givercraft spreadsheet for the project.

This will be a lot of work. There are over 30 spreadsheets on our file. I'm excited for this week. The times do not match with my work schedule, so I'm going to try to log in whenever I have a break to see how the students are doing. Thank you, to everyone for their extremely hard work. We now can watch our creation evolve and see how the students appreciate it.

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