Thursday, October 16, 2014

Summary of Givercraft work

  1. What have I accomplished since the last meeting
  2. *Since the last meeting, I have accomplished finishing the tasks and scenarios 1 and 2 and both extensions. I reviewed the rubric and added level titles, so it is easier for the teachers and students to know what the expectations are. I worked on the Celebration idea document in Google Drive and collaborated with Mia on the ideas we have. I haven't seen any new information in the document, so I think this is completed. I will review over the weekend and check in with Mia. I created more badges for the extension scenarios. I read over the planning document overview and completed the challenge for Wednesday evening Minecraft activity. I explored the world that Tiffany and Thomas built and wrote back feedback to them. I didn't have very much feedback. I appreciated how the world was built, gave certain amount of areas for the students to explore and allowed the activity in Minecraft to be easy for teachers to manage. 
  1. What do I need to accomplish before the next meeting?
  2. The only thing I need to accomplish before the next meeting, is to make sure the celebration idea document is finalized. If anyone is having trouble with finishing something, I can see how I can give assistance by the Sunday deadline.

  3. What obstacles have I encountered?
  4. * I had a difficult time designing the badges at first (trying to find the right picture for the scenario and designing them), but with practice it started to become pretty easy. *The other obstacle was not having internet for a week while finishing the scenarios and doing them on my own. I found after I shared the document and received feedback, the outline and vision started to become clear. It was a lot easier to write the scenarios after this, especially with internet! These are the only obstacles I have encountered. Working on this project has been very time consuming, but filled with a lot of learning and fun.

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  1. I appreciate the talent and expertise you bring to this project. The Scenarios, Rubric, and Celebration work are commendable, thanks. Am also grateful you were at the game on Wednesday, I was clueless as to what was going on, but the GiverCraft world is awesome.