Sunday, October 19, 2014

Summary of Week working on Givercraft Project

This week I finalized the scenarios, tasks, rubrics and badges for the project. The scenarios were pretty much done at the end of last week. Scenario 2 was changed and tweaked a bit. The rubrics were a lot of work. I found more common core state standards we could allign with each scenario. I created the rubrics that teachers will use to assess their students work after each scenario. I worked with Tiffany on brainstorming prior tasks for other scenarios with the extension project for a classroom that is Japanese immersion.

I had a google hangout with Mia discussing ideas for the celebration at the end of the project. We decided that the teachers will be given a packet that they can download onto their computer. Inside the packet will include all of the information about the givercraft project. It will include all of the scenarios, rubrics and badges they can give to the students. We will discuss this week whether we are sending the badges to the students, uploading them to their wiki page, or having the teacher give them to the students after each scenario. We also came up with ideas on how to share the students progress with the class and school. We decided that each teacher could have a wall of badges in their classroom or on their bulletin to share their students success. Everyone would be able to see this and it would encourage other students to set goals and work to achieve them.

We talked about creating a highlight reel. The reel will include students screen shots and journal entries from the scenarios. It will include level 3 work only and explain the givercraft project. We will be able to use this highlight reel to share with everyone and explain what our project was, how the students were successful, who was on the givercraft team and what schools participated. We thought the highlight reel will be a nice addition to our paper.

This morning I worked with Lee on trying to figure out where the document I created had gone. There were multiple copies made. Lee and I copied and pasted, moved documents and made only one final document for the scenarios, rubrics and badges. We moved this document into a published document folder. The published document folder has all of the documents that are ready to be uploaded onto our givercraft website. We will discuss this week during our meeting, what the process will be to moving and changing documents in our MOOC Givercraft Folder.

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