Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Week!

Besides it being Halloween this week. I have accomplished many tasks.

I compared all the screen shots of the Minecraft building to the rubric we created for Givercraft. I made sure each teacher would have an example of a level 1, level 2 and a level 3 to use while they were assessing their students work. I also have created spreadsheets for teachers to fill out and send back to me, after they have assessed their work. I will take this data from the teachers and input it onto another spreadsheet that I have created for our Givercraft project. This spreadsheet will keep all of the data from 2,000 students! We have actually gone over the number of participants we thought we would have. Which is very exciting. I also researched many articles with Lee's help and wrote up a literature review on my search. I have participated in many meetings this week with the team and responded back to teachers who have signed up for Givercraft.

I'm excited to start this project. I think the students and teachers will love this idea. I wouldn't be surprised if this idea spread like wild fire around the world and a lot more teachers were integrating minecraftEdu/games into their classroom lesson. What a fantastic way to make learning fun! Game on, everyone! This next week I will be creating a survey for teachers to complete. It will have the demographics of their class, technology level, ability and types of integration with technology they use in their classroom. I'm interested to see the results.


  1. If this double-posts, I apologize. Not sure where the comment went. I was just saying..
    thank you for all your work this week and prior. The collection of data, whether used to justify the project or to assess student work, is huge and important. With nearly 2000 students we would be facing an impossible task without the spreadsheet and survey to help us gather thoughts and results. Thanks again!

  2. Amanda, thanks for all the spreadsheets and creating the teacher survey. See you in the Givercraft world on Wednesday!